Medical superglue

What is VenaSeal?

The use of medical superglue called VenaSeal to treat varicose veins is a relatively new innovation that has proven to be highly effective, especially when used in conjunction with other treatment options such as injection sclerotherapy.

The advantages of VenaSeal glue are that it is minimally invasive, low risk, requires no downtime with immediate return to regular activities, can be done under local anaesthetic, and is virtually pain free.

How does VenaSeal work?

The procedure begins with a local anaesthetic being applied to an area near the groin. A small 2mm incision is then made, so a catheter can be placed into the vein. Under ultrasound guidance, a fibre is inserted through the catheter into the vein. Once fully inserted, Doctor Cohen will administer a small amount of the glue while at the same time apply gentle pressure to seal the vein. This process is repeated as the catheter is gradually removed from the vein.

Once the vein is closed, blood will be immediately re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg. As this procedure only requires a small amount of local anaesthetic, you can walk out once it is complete and will not be required to wear compression stockings.

What are the risks of VenaSeal Glue?

While VenaSeal is considered very safe, as with any procedure there are associated risks. These risks include an allergic reaction, deep vein thrombosis, soreness, and pigmentation. These risks are no more than other treatments for your varicose veins.

What do I need to do before the appointment?

Prior to your arrival, please clean the area being treated. You must not have any moisturisers, make-up, perfume, powder, or oils on the skin.

Do not use tanning lotions of any type from a minimum of two weeks before the appointment.  

What do I need to do after the appointment?

One of the benefits of VenaSeal is the quick recovery time. As there is no need for anaesthesia, multiple injections, or pain medication, you will be able to return to normal activity right away. The only recommendation we make is that you restrain from strenuous exercise including weightlifting, running, swimming, or jumping for one week.

The day following the procedure you will be able to remove the bandage and take a shower.

Within a few months, the body will reabsorb the treated vein, causing it to disappear altogether. Most patients see considerable reduction in the appearance of their varicose veins within four to six weeks, with only one session.

While VenaSeal is 98.9% effective at alleviating varicose veins and associated symptoms, there is a small chance the condition may return after the procedure. Patients are advised to stay active and exercise regularly, to maintain a healthy weight, and avoid standing or sitting for extended periods of time to prevent recurrence.

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