Treatment Options For Your Spider Veins

As always, the best treatment for any kind of medical problem is prevention. This mentality applies for spider veins as well, which can be prevented through maintaining a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, avoiding the wearing of high heels, and wearing supportive stockings. However, when prevention is not sufficient, there are a number of effective non-invasive treatment options available to those suffering from spider veins.

One of the treatment options is Laser TherapyLaser therapy is the least invasive option, is fast, and is cost effective. At the Vein Lab, laser therapy is conducted by a specially trained Aesthetician under the supervision of a Vascular Surgeon. Depending on each individual’s symptoms, three to six sessions will be needed to achieve desired results. You can walk in and walk out the same day with minimal post-treatment maintenance.

Another treatment option is Injection Sclerotherapy for larger spider veins. Unlike laser therapy, a Vascular Surgeon conducts injection sclerotherapy as it involves the injection of a chemical substance to bind the walls of your veins together. In most instances, your spider veins will undergo a three stage process including: 1) slight inflammation, 2) hardening and lumpy veins, 3) veins dissolve. The speed at which this process takes place is very dependent on the individual and may take three to six months for the entire process to be complete.

No matter what type of spider veins you have, it is about the management and not cure of them. We at The Vein Lab will work with you to find the best solution for the management of your veins.

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