Injection Schlerotherpy now available at Noosa

Doctor Toby Cohen has been providing the Noosa and surrounding Sunshine Coast community with specialised Vascular and Endovascular services such as injection schlerotherapy, surface laser and VenaSeal for over 10 years. During his time in Noosa, Dr Cohen has evolved his offering to ensure local patients receive the most appropriate treatment, using the latest technology and techniques.

One area of service that has been especially prevalent is the management of problematic veins, including those of cosmetic concern. Rather than having to treat veins with invasive surgery, Dr Cohen utilises state-of-the-art technology including Injection Schlerotherpy,  Surface LaserVenaSeal Glue, and Radiofrequency Ablation.

The benefit of visiting a specially trained Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon for the treatment of veins using techniques such as injection schlerotherapy includes having access to a range of solutions, administered by a highly-qualified medical doctor. Dr Cohen will work with each patient to determine the most appropriate treatment plan to suit their individual needs.

If you’d like a consult with Dr Cohen, please feel free to contact him using this form or by calling (07) 3839 7566. Please speak with your General Practitioner before contacting Dr Cohen.

Dr Toby Cohen consults from Noosa Private Hospital and Gympie Specialist Clinic.

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