Compression Stockings

In many instances we will ask you to wear compressions stockings after your treatment. Compression stockings are long tight socks that apply pressure to your legs to keep the blood moving, and apply pressure to the treated areas.

Because compression stocking are quite tight, they can be difficult to put on. Having an understanding of when you’ll need to wear them, making sure they fit property, and knowing how to put them on will make them much easier to incorporate into your day-to-day life.

Tips to put on your compression stockings:

  1. Make sure your legs are dry and free of moisture.
  2. Put your hand into the stocking and grab the toe. Holding onto the toe, turn the stocking inside out by pulling the top up over your arm. Essentially turning the stocking inside out.
  3. Find a comfortable seat on a chair or the end of your bed.
  4. Place your toes into the stocking, lining it up so the toe of the stocking is even and straight.
  5. Bring the stocking over your heel.
  6. Slide the stocking up your leg.
  7. Adjust the stocking as your draw it upward to remove wrinkles and ensure a comfortable fit.

If you still have difficulty putting on your compression stockings, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Vein Lab team and we’ll do our best to help talk you through it, or find you a better fit.

Remember. Compression stockings are a critical part of your treatment and if directed to do so, they must be worn.

For more information regarding how to put on compression stockings, visit the Morris Medical website.

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